Marketing Automation Platform

RunAs makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place.

We want to become a game changing company about marketing and broad communication. Our purpose is to remove the pain from our customer who are struggling with more and more social networks every day. We want a simple and concrete approach to solve this torment by a damn simple tool.


This page will give the possibility to create a new entry. An entry is a data-structure containing raw information (text, image, video). These information will be parsed and splitted in multiple way, based on specific hashtag and keywords.

This raw data-structure will give birth to a campaign, multiple entries for different social network. By default, every connected social network to the user will be used.

The frequency can be set directly on the page. Usually, two frequencies exist, one based on fixed amount time (the default one), one message each hour for example. Another method, based on "smart" analysis, will post the message based on a good time period based on the followers.

List of all actual running campagns. This page will contain all active campagn and automatic generated data. You can see information about each campagn and sub-entry for each social network. You can remove, alter or disable entries.

A campaign can be see as a calendar or scheduler, with all required information information for an entry.

A crusade is a group of campaigns, it makes things easier to create, manage and delete. You can create a crusades with multiple campaign and control them at the same time.

History page will contain all the past campaigns and crusades. You can reuse them, delete them, or download them for your own archives. You can also see the stats of each posted messages on each social nerwork.

List of all managed social network accounts. You can create, activate, deactivate, remove or add more accounts here. You can also define custom parameters based on some of them. Some account can be set as alerting (send a message to an account before sending an entry), testing (a simple test account to check if everything is looking good) or a debugging one (a private account used to test high load and more).

User paramaters page will contain all relative information about the users and default behavior for each activated social network.

This is the first page when a new user is registered. The user will contain all the supported social network and will find if the account new is free or already used remotly. This page allow you to connect also your actual account with your own one.

This page will ask for the name of the account and the type of profile the user will have (business, artist, small company and more). The name of the account will be check on the remote website. If the name exists, the user is prompted about it and if the account is belong to him. If not, the application will generate automatically a name available.

Finally, the user can create automatically an account, the password will be automatically generated (with strong random password). The password will be communicated with a secure way if possible (GPG key or other solution).

A standard login page. We can use multi-model authentication, based on e-mail or on current "standard" like google, twitter, facebook or linkedin.

A user must have an account to access to other information.


Manage all your social accounts in one place

Schedule content and check analytics for all your social accounts in one place, rather than going to six different networks.

Content Curation

Curating articles and images for your social accounts has never been so easy.

Article Curation

Curate articles from across the web from thousands of source. Spend time on your content strategy and leave the curation to us.

Customize RSS Feed

Add any RSS feed that you want to start curating articles right on your dashboard. Just type in the feed name, pick a feed and sit back.

Image Curation

The only social media management tool that provides Image recommendations to curate shareable images for Instagram.

Relevant articles

Simply enter the topics you want to curate for and get relevant articles and images to post. No need to hop across the web in search of content.

Curate from your blog,or e-commerce store

Connect your Shopify or Etsy account, Wordpress or Medium blog and even your Youtube account to schedule product updates, new blog or video announcements and directly from RunAs. Save hours of time with this simple feature.


Keep on top of your social media game with easy scheduling and publishing to all your social media accounts.

Publish everywhere

Schedule and publish content to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest from one place.

Schedule in advance

Pick a date and time and schedule content to be published later. Schedule for the week and site back. Schedule posts for all of your social accounts at once, and RunAs will publish them automatically, according to the posting schedule you put in place.

Tailored Posts with Preview

Each post will automatically be tailored for each social network. What’s more- you can preview the posts before publishing.

Automatic + Custom Best times to Post

Customize the best times to post everyday or use our automatic best time to post recommendation for each of you accounts.

Add multiple team members and set access levels

You can add up to unlimited team members to your RunAs account and give them the appropriate access levels — full posting access or approval required.

Queue Meter

Ensure that you have enough content scheduled for the week with the queue meter. The queue meter indicates whether your timeline is going to look active or not for the next 7 days.


The customer service tool your team had been waiting for.

Never miss a single mention

Track every mention, comment and reply in your team inbox. Monitor mentions for your Twitter account instantly.

Reply instantly

Send replies to all the mentions with images, videos and gifs. You can also reply on-the-go, instantly using the mobile app.


Track your social growth, post performance and follower details.

Review your analytics to see how your posts are performing

You can use the analytics to see your social media performance, understand how to improve your results, and create reports for your manager or clients.

Post Performance Metrics

Track engagement metrics for all your individual posts. Check which ones are doing well and which aren’t and reschedule the good ones!

Engagement Metrics

Get a birds eye view of engagement for each of your social media accounts.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor your historic performance with detailed charts.