The high level is:

  1. Pre-screen
  2. Multiple calls with single members of the team. On each call, the interviewer is looking for something particular that’s important to the team (a skillset or value). On all calls, they are assessing remote culture fit.
  3. Between each interview, as the leader I connect with each member of the team to get their opinions and an opportunity to black ball.
  4. If they pass through all that, final offer call.
  5. Upon hiring, fly them out to meet me in person.
  6. Set up 1:1s with everyone on the team as soon as they start. If the team is small, make the 1:1s weekly or monthly so everyone knows everyone else.
  7. Assign a mentor to the new hire that is their first point of contact for questions as they onboard.
  8. Have a 30, 90 and 180 day plan for what they will work on.  Have the first thing they work on be something they can get done and shipped to prod within the first week. Even a copy change.

Works best if you have a quarterly or at least bi-annual team get-together so they can meet the rest of the team in person.