RunAs is for being transparent at any stage. We plan to share our revenue, our diverty of our team, our culture, etc...

We keep sharing because we keep learning so much along the way. So, why not share our feature roadmap???

Today, we shared Trello’s board of RunAs transparent product roadmap  with everyone.

Introducing the RunAs transparent product roadmap

We wanted to open it up and share it with you as well. Now we can build in the open, with all of you alongside

Why build in the open?

Building in the open could positively impact:

  • The RunAs team. It encourages us to think more long term and be more deliberate about what we build, hopefully resulting in us building more value for you.
  • The RunAs community. We hope you’ll feel more closely connected to the features we’re building, how they’ll work, what they could do to make your social media life easier and more successful. Also, you’ll be able to tell us if we’re off track.
  • The marketing community. If by building in the open we all learn together, we hope that some of the challenges facing our community will be addressed just a little more quickly.
  • Our collective audience. Better tools in the hands of marketers have the potential to make better marketing. And in doing so make consumers better off.
  • The startup and business community. RunAs is once a couple of founders working from a bedroom, and we still have a lot to learn.

Here we are, check out our new Product Public Roadmap called PPR...