Let's do Elixir and Phoenix together - Chris McCord(2018)

Phoenix 1.4 refactors the channels and is more extensible and HTTP/2.

Push feature to push different data in same connection (see plug :push). The server already gives all information in the connection, the browser doesn't need to fetch it by itself. You can rendering with different logic or assets (e.g. one user with image profile). Is it possible to directly modify the template and add static_push function. A pure render is needed because actually, this function is not pure and have side effect. It is a big win for users.

Explicit router functions by using the routing module used for the routing and using an explicit name like AppWeb.Router.Routes and comes from Rails. Everything in Elixir is an helper.

Faster Development compilation based on refresh driven development with compiler optimization. Compilation splitted in 2 parts, one during compile-time (init) and the other one during runtime (call).

NOTES: this is more a feature review video... So, taking notes was not so useful. Some interesting features are based on HTTP/2 and websocket. Push features & cie, but... I think I will rewrite it for a more precise summary of each new feature. Anyway, we are using phoenix 1.4. ;)