OKRs at RunAs

OKRs at RunAs
  • Before we set OKRs, it is critical our company have a mission. Without a sense of purpose AND a scope to accomplish it, anything you do is equally ok.
  • Find Your North Star: The North Star is emotional. The North Star is hard to measure. The North Star inspires the team. The North Star points the team in the same direction.
  • 4 OKR superpowers: focus, alignement, tracking and stretching
  • Focus and commit to priorities
  • Monday Commitments and Friday Wins
  • It's really easy to have too many OKRs.  3 is the maximum or one per people
  • There's an impulse to get too prescriptive
  • Not everything was measurable in real-time
  • We focused only on two company-wide goals: grow our net deposits (the top signal of overall growth) and increase efficiency. Then, they defined their own metrics they wanted to drive
  • One monthly report per team with key metrics and KPI
  • No top down but bottom up. Avoid OKR cascading. We have a market based approach where over time our goals all converge because the top OKRs are known and everyone else’s OKR are visible
  • An healthy OKR environment strikes a balance between alignment, autonomy, common purpose and creative latitude
  • In God we trust, all others must bring data
  • Send weekly progress report to leaders to track OKR

Quick Tips

  • Set only 1 OKR for RunAs company, unless we have multiple business lines. It’s about focus.
  • Give 3 months for an OKR.
  • Keep the metrics out of the objective. The objective is inspirational.
  • In the weekly check in, open with company OKR then do groups. Don’t do every individual, that’s better in private 1:1s. Which you DO have every week, right?
  • OKRs cascade; set company OKRs, then groups/roles, and then individual’s.
  • OKRs are not the only thing you do, they are the one thing you must do. Expect people to keep the ship running.
  • The Monday OKR check-in is a conversation. Be sure to discuss change in confidence, health metrics and priorities
  • Encourage employees to suggest company OKRs. OKRs are great bottom up, not just top down.
  • Make OKRs available publicly. Google has them on their intranet.
  • Friday celebrations is an antidote to Monday’s grim business. Keep it upbeat!

Weekly OKR mail

  • Group 1: Objective and Key Results(OKR)/OKR Confidence
  • Group 2: Priorities and Risks
  • Last week’s priorities: green, yellow, red
  • This week’s / current priorities P1 P2 P3 P4
  • Risks / blockers: This is the place in which you share your vacation / time-off plan, concerns, etc.

OKR process

  • Step 1 /email my OKR/before 9am/. Our weekly status emails serve as the reference for others to complete step
  • Step 2 /Each member is expected to send theirs/before noon/.
  • Step 3 /At 3pm/, review each OKR submission. We spend 30 minutes to review each entry and make sure all priorities are aligned. We primarily focus on the priority alignment of our direct reports.
  • Step 4 /After we’re done with step #3, we’d explicitly note the entries that have been reviewed. Although this step might seem trivial,it is important to communicate to your team members that their submission has been properly reviewed.