Slack Channels for every distributed company

Slack Channels for every distributed company

At RunAs, we love Slack and share all things with. Here some channel we use on our daily basis

Our Top 5

  1. eng-chat: private team channel to say “Good morning!” or “I’m out for lunch” or “I’m out for the day, have a great weekend!”
  2. kudos: allows the whole team to celebrate wins and recognize good work
  3. bar: public channel and funny is pretty self-explanatory
  4. general: all company or team announcements
  5. article: a good place to let people push various blog post or articles. Pretty close to a Guild

Top but not in our Top 5

  • makers: for people who make things as a hobby
  • gaming:  PC or console gaming talk
  • automotive: car talk
  • fit : chatter about exercise
  • food :  for the foodies
  • music :  for the musicians
  • photography : for the photographers
  • sports :  basketball, football, and other sports talk
  • tv-movies :  film and TV show chatter (Winter is coming)
  • ...

We also prefix project-related channels with #p-($my-super-project), design-related with #d-($my-super-design), engineering with #e-($my-super-engineer), channels with clients in them with #c-($my-super-client) and at last our issues with #i-($my-very-bad-issue)