Why? Why are we open any of your source code?

We are using open-source everywhere, in our daily life, at work, we has taken a lot during long time without give enough. So, we want to make a bet, we think it was time to give back to the community while creating a company. We produce the same code we use for the Entreprise Platform.

  1. People who want the best experience pay for our premium RunAs Entreprise Platform (EP)
  2. The RunAs Entreprise Platform (EP) platform generates revenue
  3. We use our revenue to hire amazing people who build and promote RunAs Community Platform (CP)
  4. Great software attracts people who are excited about using it to publish and schedule theirs curated posts in many network

People ask us why RunAs is open source. They are typically asking about our business model: conversion, product roadmap, monetization strategy, etc.

From our experience as engineers since many years, there is no other choice to open source by building a viable software company serving modern development cycles. The fact that these businesses have been built with proprietary software doesn’t exists anymore like Microsoft or Apple for their respective operating system.

Open source is by design more secure, interoperable, flexible and community oriented. We think open source can be a huge help in building our community, widening our marketing, increasing the quality of your code, and building software people love. But we must be clear in our ideas of what you’re trying to accomplish and what we’re willing to do to make it happen.

As a motto, RunAs is open source because the right to learn and share is fundamental to have product growth and relevance.

Are we trying to build a community? To get public review of our core functionality? To grow adoption? Something else entirely? We don't know yet but we will trying...

We are building a social hub platform. If you like what you read above, come join the team!

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