The Company

The story always begins with a growing idea. RunAs was created with the evidence and the sense that the management of social network is painful for everyone. Our platform responds to

ensure a strategic presence on social networks and provide a production platform for any sized company.


Our Philosophy

At RunAs, we strongly believe that the most fantastic part of us is our awesome people. Our teams are the best ambassadors of our business and a part of our candidate attraction, strategy. We trust people, we reward people, we want people, we love people. We also love the White House statement:

Dream in Years, Plan in Months, Evaluate in Weeks, Ship Daily

and apply it every day.

A commitment to culture and customers has helped RunAs grow from humble beginnings to serving more people every day. Our passion for support, happiness and quality flow through everything that we do.

Our Vision

Our vision at RunAs is to build the simplest and most automated social media platform.

In addition to our product and service goals, we have a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces that exist, by rethinking a lot of traditional practices.

Consistent Support & Improvement

We are working very hard and we iterate and improve our product again and again.

We are always keen to hear your feedback and are thankful to hear about your experience with RunAs. You will find us online for the larger part during any day of the week. Hit us up if you need anything, we will be quick in responding and helping you out.

Our Team

We're a fully distributed team, meaning that we'll be fixing bugs and replying to your questions at any time.

The RunAs team works from multiple countries and continents. Living in a place that makes you happy is one of our core beliefs. Didier started as technical engineer to move few years ago on the management and product side. Mathieu stayed in the practical world with a whole technical view of different solutions.

Didier has almost 12 years of Engineering experience as IC (developer, sysadmin, production engineer, project manager, architect) & Management roles. He loves to share and learn from others. He managed different teams with different context. He had lead full stack teams ranging from web, mobile to API, but mainly DevOps/SRE teams.

His motto: Don't fear the unknown. Learn, Accept and Change.

Mathieu is a kind of modern traveler, working as a nomad worker and living with bare minimum. He worked with many companies in lot of different fields during the last 10 years. He Likes simple things and clear explanation. Fall in love with FreeBSD/OpenBSD and Erlang/Haskell long time ago.

His motto: Keep it simple, stupid.